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We grow a lot of things here…….. in Mason County


Agriculture has been a driving force in Mason County's economy for centuries. Some of the best fruit and vegetable crops in the state are grown right here. The City of Scottville is the center of the country's agricultural industry that is growing rapidly to accommodate opportunities in value-added food processing, milk production and exporting these and other commodities to the global marketplace.But, we are growing a lot of other things here, too!

Steeped in outdoor recreation, lumbering history and maritime folklore, the port City of Ludington is authentic and genuine with a strong sense of self-reliance. Home to the S.S. Badger, the last coal-fired ferry of its kind in the world, Ludington is known as a place "Up North, Close By". Considered one of theup-and-coming travel destinations in the state, Ludington definitely has the "Wow" factor featuring the top state park in the Midwest, the biggest Gus Macker basketball tournament in the country, the most beautiful beaches and wilderness areas available to hikers and recreationalists and the best assortment of fishing experiences anywhere in the world!

Manufacturing is expanding and diversifying its product lines and is a key reason why Ludington and Mason County continue to maintain a strong, sustainable economy. Local companies are highly competitive in manufacturing furniture and office equipment, metal castings, aluminum extruded automotive components, railroad improvement systems, floral and craft foam, drive shafts, bottle handling change parts, specialty cutting tools. Many are the best at what they make in the world!

Energy production and transmission capability sets Mason County apart from the rest. Pumped Storage, one of the largest hydro-electric reservoir systems in the world, is located right here. In concert with its transmission system capabilities, utility company partners are moving forward with a 100 MW utility wind park that will complement the hydro storage capacity for wind power. Total electrical generation improvements will exceed $1 billion over the next ten years.

Culture and art figure prominently in the evolution of quality of lifestyle for residents, community involvement and celebration and the fostering of a creative expression through entrepreneurship. As more people consider living, working and playing in Ludington and Mason County, the growth of housing to accommodate modest population growth makes the area primed for people looking to relocate,retire, retrain, or renew their zest for living in paradise.

We grow a lot of things here……. In Mason County. Learn how you can grow here, too.


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